Kitchen Design Trends 2021: These Are The Top 10 To Look Out For!

We love our kitchens, and our kitchens love us. There’s probably not a more important room in our home. It’s where the family gathers together in the evening to discuss exciting events, where we go to grab a quick snack, and even where we go get some work done. As much as kitchen designs have been influential in the past, it’s probably never been as crucial as it is today due to the coronavirus pandemic. More and more people are spending most of their days at home, which is why kitchen remodeling has skyrocketed in recent months.


Kitchen Designs in 2021

Kitchens were always among the hardest-working spaces in our homes, and the recent health crisis has made this even a bigger reality today. Even though we aren’t spending time in our kitchens to protect ourselves from infection, many people worldwide are setting up work-from-home spaces on their kitchen islands, establishing distance learning setups right on their tables, and baking\cooking much more than in the past. This has led to additional grocery shopping and expanded storage.

Together with related choices like setting up hands-free technology and adding personalization, these pandemic-related kitchen adaptations have shown up on trend reports for the year 2021. Many of these will probably continue way past Covid’s lifetime, as global awareness of the possibility of future viruses appearing and of the connection between property and health increase.
Here are ten kitchen design trends that kitchen design experts are expecting to see during the year 2021.



10 Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

1. Simplicity

Everybody likes simplicity. After all, why would one want things to be complicated? The same goes for the kitchen. Simplicity appearing as a kitchen trend for 2021 certainly isn’t a huge shocker. When you keep in mind that features like simple pulls and slab-styled cabinet doors make sanitizing your home’s kitchen easier and faster, a good case can be made for the simple style during a high-stress cycle.

We expect to see plenty of simple kitchen design trends this year, so keep simplicity in mind!


2. Eclectic Personalization

Another trend we’re observing is eclectic personalization. Property owners are getting much more personalized and creative with their kitchen design options, maybe due to them spending so much time at home during the day instead of being at work.

This pops up in blending materials and finishes. It can also be seen in various bold color options, including big-ticket items like cabinetry and appliances. Blue is a hot color this year due to its versatility and its creation of a calming environment.


3. Storage!

Storage has always been important, hasn’t it? Yes, but not as important as it is now! With 2021 being a year of fewer supermarket visits and bigger hauls, possessing a space where one can contain large purchases has become much more crucial. Property owners are enhancing their pantries and/or adding a walk-in version much more than ever before. This is related to the bulk purchasing trend due to the pandemic.

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen in 2021, we recommend adding plenty of storage. This isn’t only important for your residential property but also rental properties since more and more people are demanding large kitchen storage spaces!

4. Less Openness

Another growing trend in kitchen designs in 2021 is less kitchen openness to different home interior spaces. As more and more people find new things to do in the kitchen and are multi-tasking, and more members of the family spending time at home, this doesn’t come as a surprise. However, opening the kitchen space to an outdoor home area is still a popular option.

With that in mind, many people still love opening their kitchens to other rooms in the property. If you’re one of them, then disregard this trend and go with what you love!


5. High-Tech Appliances and Faucets

High-tech is just about everywhere these days. It’s about time it becomes a trend in the kitchen as well, and we predict it will be in 2021. Appliances and faucets are going high tech. One survey has reported that high-technology features are appearing in over half of upgraded kitchen faucets and about one-third of upgraded kitchen appliances. Advanced voice control ability for faucets is regarded as an excellent convenience for chefs and as an effective bacterial and viral spread-inhibitor for parents.


6. Further Kitchen Technology

Technology isn’t only appearing in our kitchen faucets, but in other ways as well. A dedicated area for viewing and charging mobile devices and laptops has become a top kitchen design trend lately. Plus, technology allowing for video communications, such as kitchen zoom meetings and an emergency refrigerator power source, is also rising. Online videos have become the preferred option for conducting meetings on the web, which could come at unexpected times during the day. Kitchen video communication capability can undoubtedly be handy today!

If you’re like me, then you love technology. Why not take advantage of technological advancements in your new kitchen design in 2021? The future is here, and it brings technology with it!


7. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is still the king of appliance finishes. However, integrate kitchen door styles that match the design of the cabinetry are rising in popularity. This shows that individuals are willing to invest more money in their kitchen projects, as such integrated appliances cost more than other options.

If you like the look of stainless steel, then this option could be great for you and your kitchen. Stainless steel provides a luxurious, unique look to your kitchen that few wouldn’t appreciate looking at. If you can handle the price tag and are thinking long-term, then we definitely recommend looking at the stainless steel option for your kitchen design in 2021.

8. Gourmet

Who doesn’t like showing off their skills? I know I do. We’re seeing gourmet going mainstream. Companies are reporting an increase in gourmet kitchen requests. This includes more extensive island additions and cabinets so that property owners have the needed space to cook gourmet meals. This year, the kitchen real estate field sees individuals desiring more features and space to show off their gourmet culinary skills.

Don’t apologize for showing off! If you have it, then you probably deserved it!


9. Kitchen for Pets

Working from home has many effects on our behavior and actions. Working from the household has given many people the chance to become pet owners. As more and more people welcome their new furry family members to their homes, we expect that they will also be searching for pet-friendly kitchen features.

Pet features in the kitchen include deep sinks and high arc faucets for bathing small pets, pull-out bowls, pet food storage, and organizers for various other products. Since pets, like humans, like to be present where the action takes palace, we expect dedicated kitchen pet spaces to be on high demand.


 10. Dark Surfaces

Every time I think dark I get reminded of The Dark Knight batman movie (that’s not just me, right?). Back to kitchens. They are following the rising trend of taking surfaces to their dark side. It seems that the increasing trend for dark kitchen surfaces is related to the shift toward two-tone kitchens. Dark countertops and worktops are easily offset by bright colors and lighter furniture, ensuring functionality in all room sizes and creating an air of sophistication and luxury.

Shades like dark grey and black, when incorporated on surfaces like splashbacks, floors, and worktops, can make the kitchen feel extremely inviting, especially when combined with various textured woods to add a homely, rustic charm.

Every new year brings new trends. The kitchen is no exception to this rule. This year is, though, a bit different. The Covid-19 Virus certainly took its toll on design requirements in recent months. Success involves adapting to new circumstances and reality. Make sure to adjust your kitchen design to your new needs this year.

If you’re looking into redesigning your existing kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen for your home in 2021, then you may want to take the above-mentioned 10 kitchen design trends of 2021 into account. The majority of these new design trends aren’t exotic in nature, meaning that shall you decide to implement one or more of them in your future kitchen, they probably won’t look out of place or weird anytime soon. Regardless, we believe that you should go bold, be brave, and go for anything your heart desires!