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Having helped thousands of clients with their kitchen cabinets in South Florida, Sanoma has built itself a reputation of being the best in the industry. With a team that designs, builds and installs all of the kitchen cabinets, you no longer have to deal with multiple firms that each perform a certain part of the job. WE DO IT ALL! And we do it good!

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Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Built By Industry Experts in Aventura, Florida

Aventura is a city that loves Sanoma. With hundreds of clients in the area, there’s a high probability that we’ve designed someone’s cabinets in your own building.

Aventura, a breathtaking suburban city in the northeastern part of Miami-Dade County has a total population of around 35,000 residents. The city got its name from the Spanish translation of the word “adventure”.

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Our remodeling experts are committed to creating a design that meets your specific needs

Aventura Custom Cabinet Company

Throw some beauty into your home by updating it with all-new modern kitchen cabinets. Your South Florida custom cabinet firm, Sanoma Kitchen & Bath provides beautiful custom cabinetry in various styles and finishes.

Attractive cabinetry can totally transform the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. If you’re searching for a custom-designed kitchen space that matches your lifestyle and needs, look no further than Sanoma.

Our residential and commercial cabinet experts don’t just design the cabinets but build and install them as well. We’ll work on all of those essential finishing touches that make the final product as beautiful as it can be. Our Aventura custom kitchen cabinet experts are absolutely excited to create the perfect cabinets for you.


Complete New Cabinet Installation By Professionals

We are cabinet installation experts dedicated to providing professional cabinetry solutions which make your life simpler.

Are you searching for an easy to maintain solution? Looking for a rich, comforting environment? Whatever it is you wish your cabinets to look like, we have the custom cabinetry solutions available that match your needs!

There are numerous different options available for custom cabinets, including different colors, styles, materials, finishes, functionality features, and layouts. We can provide composite cabinets, solid wood cabinets, glass doors, painted finishes, or any other cabinet feature you’re thinking of. Wine bottle racks, wine glass racks, spice racks, hidden trashcans, and other features can be added to your cabinetry to ensure matching functionalities. Down to the cabinet knobs, we’ll carefully design and build the kitchen cabinets you’re looking for.

Our expert designers, builders, and installers can handle your cabinetry needs from start to end. We’ll review your kitchen space, make some recommendations that match your requirements and financial budget, create a design for review, custom fabricate the cabinetry, and finally install it in your kitchen with finishing included.


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