8 Pitfalls You MUST Avoid On A Bathroom Remodel

Just like any other property renovation project, A bathroom remodel can be a challenging process that brings about numerous benefits when done right. It’s crucial that one does his homework before launching a bathroom remodel so that undesired results are avoided.

Let’s take a look at 8 costly pitfalls to avoid in your next bathroom remodel project:


1.   Dull Lighting

The typical bathroom is typically smaller than other home spaces, and is usually the place where men shave their beards and women put on their makeup. That’s why it’s important to have good lighting that combines functionality and comfortness. A single or several pot lights can be a great addition to your shower, lighting up the space wonderfully. Whatever lighting you go for, make sure there’s enough of it!


2.   Low Ventilation

Condensation and mold in your bathroom are a major NO-NO. These can be successfully avoided by investing in a high-quality fan, preferably one that has an integrated timer switch. That way, you can let it run for about 15 minutes after you’re done taking a shower.


3.   Unsuitable Bathroom Spacing

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper spacing in your bathroom. Make sure your toilet has a 12-inch space from the toilet drain to the back wall. If you skip this step, you’ll have to cut into the bathroom’s drywall for a standard toilet to fit, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Take the time to measure the space carefully before getting started!


4.   Painting

Don’t make the common mistake of painting with a paint & primer all-in-one solution. Such all-in-one products aren’t a match for the high-quality drywall primers available today. Once the priming stage is complete, make sure moisture-resistant paint is used in order to prevent paint from peeling off.


5.   Mismatched Fixtures

To avoid having your new bathroom look like an IKEA space, don’t overmix the finishes. We recommend not mixing more than two kinds of tiles, metals, or woods.


6.   Going for Trends

You don’t remodel your bathroom too often, and there’s certainly quite a bit of cash involved in the project, so you may as well go for a style and design that will remain stylish for the next decade. Don’t go for something too extreme (heehmm pink toilets heehmm). You simply can’t go wrong with a clean, sophisticated design.


7.   Bathroom Framing that’s Not Squared

Don’t forget that not all bathrooms are perfectly squared. This is crucial and needs to be verified in your bathroom space, as a bathtub that is not square with its doorway will make your floor tiles crooked. Make sure to measure every single wall before work is begun!


8.   Wrongly-positioned Drain

Oh, the embarrassment… Make sure to spec the new bathtub or shower pan and figure out the exact drain placement. The drain’s opening will have to match the floor’s plumbing drain. Drains can be positioned on the right side, left side, and the centre position.


Avoiding the commonly-encountered pitfalls of a bathroom remodel is possible! All you have to do is plan the project well and take the points mentioned in this article into close consideration. Don’t leave any bathroom detail unplanned!