7 CRUCIAL Steps Of A Kitchen Remodel Checklist To Remember!

Remodeling your home’s kitchen and don’t know where to begin? Remain calm, you aren’t the only one. Renovating a kitchen can be an overwhelming experience for anybody. It involves numerous tasks that have never crossed our minds.

We’re here to help out. We’ve created our own kitchen remodel checklist that will guide you throughout the way!


1.   Establish a Plan

All successful endeavors start with a plan, and the same goes for a kitchen remodel. Hiring the right contractors for the job, choosing from the various design options, and ordering high-quality materials can take some time. We, therefore, advise that you plan ahead of time so that your project meets its deadlines.


2.   Assess What Requires an Upgrade

Identify what parts of your kitchen require an update. This will help you assess the scope of your kitchen remodel project.

Answer the following questions:

  • Do you need to move appliances?
  • Is a kitchen island something you’d like to have?
  • Any plans on breaking walls?
  • What’s the shape of your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems?

A kitchen space that’s in relatively good condition may only require a bit of touchup work. A more intensive remodel would require updating plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems and possibly removing walls as well!


3.   Hire Professionals from the Get-Go!

Plenty of kitchen remodel projects don’t meet their deadlines due to the lack of contractors available for the job. If you’re going to hire a pro, you may want to do that first. Experienced and reliable contractors are often busy with projects, so you definitely want to book them in advance!


4.   Set a Budget you can Handle

Nobody enjoys talking finances, but it is certainly necessary if you want to enjoy your new kitchen without breaking the bank. Regardless of what your financial situation is, a well-defined budget will help you define clear expectations for your remodel project.

Extra Tip: set aside 10% to 20% of your overall spending budget for unexpected expenses.


5.   Choose a Remodeling Season

Keep in mind that a kitchen remodel project equals a disrupted home. Make sure to begin the project at the right time of the year so that minimal disruption to your daily life occurs.

Extra Tip: You may want your kitchen remodel to be done during the warm months of the year. Many property owners wish to have their remodel performed during the summer or spring season. That’s because if no kitchen access is available, they can just have a BBQ outdoors!


6.   Choose a Kitchen Layout that resembles YOUR Taste

We believe there’s nothing more important in a kitchen remodel checklist than making sure you choose a layout you love. Whether it be unique pantry cabinets or a kitchen island, consider having them implemented in your new kitchen design.


7.   Seal the Plan

Before your project’s plan turns into action, make sure to go over the fine details carefully. Ensure everybody knows what their roles are and what needs to get done and at what times.

Don’t give up your predetermined plan and financial budget for the kitchen remodel checklist. You put the time and effort into organizing a plan that needs to be followed, so don’t fall for any new trends or design recommendations that could skyrocket your spending. Stay focused, and you’ll have a design that perfectly follows your kitchen remodel checklist!