5 Essential Kitchen Organization Ideas

Are you tired of entering a messy kitchen? Want some brilliant kitchen organization ideas that optimize efficiency & space? Here are 5 easy kitchen organization tricks that’ll ease your life!
Organizing your kitchen can become an ongoing journey. Items rotate, processes evolve, and adjustments are made while finding out superior ways of getting things done. If you feel your property’s kitchen has become a cluttered mess, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve collected five essential kitchen organization ideas to help you get the job done. Tackle some of your kitchen’s trouble spots, and before you realize it, you’ll gain the needed momentum to organize even the messiest kitchen space!


1.   Label Pantry Contents

Nobody likes a messy pantry. Make use of simple, bold pantry labels to keep your dry goods organized effectively. Maintain consistent labels and make sure to label everything, even items you think don’t need one.


2.   Store Your Cleaning Products With A Basket

Your under-the-sink storage space can quickly become chaotic. To maintain things organized, we recommend attaching a little basket to the cabinet’s inside door via damage-free picture hanging strips. Use the basket to store some items like sponges, tabs, and other daily objects that shouldn’t require digging around to find!


3.   Maintain Plastic Bags Tidy

One thing we’ve learned is that functional kitchens always have a designated place for just about everything. This includes plastic bags. You can create unique compact storage space via an oatmeal container. All bags that can’t fit inside this container should get recycled.


4.   Pantry Shelves With Turntables

As mentioned in point #1, a messy and cluttered pantry makes it hard to visualize the box mixes and condiments hidden in the back of the shelves. This can be solved by investing in some turntables. Place hot sauces and condiments on one shelf, spices on another, and baking supplies on a third. Now, whenever you go search for that baking soda, you can simply spin that turntable instead of moving all of those spices located on the shelf.


5.   Categorize The Refrigerator

Boxes and bins play an essential role in just about every organization task. Your fridge is no exception. Don’t just leave food out looking messy on the shelves. Instead, make it much easier to see and find what you’re after by grouping your food with clear plastic bins. Stash yogurts in one, cheese in another, condiments in one more, and so on until your refrigerator looks clean and easy to navigate.


The kitchen is one of the home’s most important spaces, if not the most important of them all. It’s where couples enjoy quality time cooking together, where the kids run to grab a snack, and where the dog begs for a treat. You might as well do your best to keep it orderly and tidy. By taking advantage of these easy kitchen organization ideas, you’ll be one step closer to an organized kitchen!