Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Many people dream of bringing back that lost bathroom shine but forget that bathroom remodels can cause property owners lots of headaches when not planned correctly.

When remodeling a bathroom to fit a tight budget, what you must avoid is just as important as what you do. Don’t make the following bathroom remodeling mistakes that would surely increase your budget, slow down the project’s completion, and lead to more maintenance down the road.


  1. Not creating a plan before getting started. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but many don’t do it. Don’t underestimate the importance of planning ahead of time and creating a solid plan that details your project timeline and goals. You could then use the plan to make sure each and every step of the renovation process covers all of the steps needed and is done on time.
  2. Not adding sufficient storage. A bathroom remodel is a wonderful opportunity to finally solve your bathroom storage problem. Take advantage of the bathroom renovation project to address your storage requirements and ensure all of your towels have a home.
  3. Trying to save money on everything. Going for tile, flooring, and bathroom appliances just because they have a low price tag isn’t necessarily a smart strategy. If you purchase high-quality materials and appliances, you’ll get products that will last longer and won’t break down. Plus, if you ever place your property on the market, high-quality materials and appliances will go a long way in ensuring you get your desired asking price.
  4. Don’t forget about unexpected events. Your bathroom renovator will let you know how long the project should take ahead of time. However, nobody can predict unseen problems that may pop up during the remodel. Such surprises could extend your remodel completion date.
  5. Don’t make your toilet visible. Try to avoid having your toilet placed near your living rooms, dining room, or kitchen. The last thing you want to have is a guest in your living room hear your bathroom activity (not to mention smell it!). Plus, you could add an additional door or partition that would help separate the rooms.
  6. A budget that doesn’t match reality. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom at a cost of 15 grand, then you better make sure you have 15 grand. You won’t be able to cut expenses by half. We recommend going for a remodel plan that meets your financial budget for the project.


A bathroom remodel is a process you want to enjoy. A new bathroom design can totally change the way your home looks and feels. After all, we spend quite a lot of time in our bathrooms on a daily basis. If you’re going to spend the time and money to remodel your bathroom, make sure to do it right. Plan ahead and avoid the mistakes that are often made during a bathroom remodel. You’ll thank us later!