5 Signs That Indicate It’s Time For A Kitchen Remodel

If you’re anything like most people out there, you probably spend a bunch of time in your kitchen. The kitchen is where we meet & greet throughout the day, discuss life’s happenings with family and friends, and of course, the place where we satisfy our hungry bellies. The kitchen also tends to be the space that suffers the most out of wear & tear.


If it’s been a while ever since your property’s kitchen has gotten some love and care in terms of remodeling, then it may be time for an update. Not so sure? Let’s take a look at five signs that indicate it’s time for a kitchen remodel!


What Does A Kitchen Remodel Include?


A kitchen remodel means you’re going all in and transforming your entire kitchen. It demands some time and effort, but it will all be worth it in the end.


A typical kitchen remodel includes the following steps:

  • Tear out & demolition
  • Rought-in work
  • Professional inspection
  • Wall finishing
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Plumbing and cabinet fixtures
  • Installation of new application
  • New flooring installation
  • Celebrating your all-new kitchen!


1.   Dysfunctional Kitchen Layout

If you’re regularly stumbling over things and others when trying to cook a meal, you may want to consider a kitchen layout makeover. Your kitchen’s work triangle is an essential part of its daily flow. Removing obstacles in your kitchen space can eliminate most of your daily frustration.


2.   A Change In Lifestyle

A change in your personal and family’s lifestyle can play a huge role in what you demand from your kitchen. What worked well in a home full of small ones may not work as great when they grow up. The same goes if you designed your kitchen in your single-and-ready-to-mingle days but now expect an exciting new addition to the family. Think about your new needs and determine if a kitchen remodel can help enhance your all-new lifestyle.


3.   Increased Clutter Piles

As you accumulate more and more objects, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to find a place to store them all, especially in your kitchen. Clutter in the kitchen has its way of piling up, and it piles up quickly. To tackle clutter and enjoy some peace of mind, you may want to consider a counter space and storage remodel for some breath of fresh air.


4.   Antiquated Styles

If you tend to feel bored and heavy whenever you walk into your home’s kitchen, a kitchen remodel could be that exhilaration you’ve been after. You should feel inspired and refreshed every time you enter your kitchen space. A new kitchen design with timeless countertop, cabinet, and flooring materials will help you create a kitchen space that’s unique.


5.   Outdated Kitchen Appliances

Technology has certainly brought our generation a long way in the past few decades. If you’re still using the same kitchen appliances ever since Jimmy Carter served as president, then you’re not taking advantage of all the new smart gadgets available that can make your daily life easier. Smart ovens, energy-efficient appliances, and refrigerators with filtered water are examples of updates you should incorporate in your next kitchen remodel.


If one or more of these signs sound familiar, it may be time to consider a kitchen remodel. Assess your options, consult with professionals, and find the right plan to execute. It will all be worth it in the end.